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Google Algorithm Ranking Factors

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How many words should I use

Searchers using Google want content that is useful and interesting to them. Google through research has found that the average webpage that searchers find useful and interesting contains about 2,450 – 2,500 words. Google therefore ranks these pages higher in searches. Third party research on Google rankings (see below) proves this.

Why should I use so many words

My own research indicates that by the time a guest is checking out your own hotel’s site they have been to intermediaries such as and they are now looking for and expecting more and deeper information. Give them this information and try to have just under 2,500 words per information page.

How do I check how many words are on each page

Click on and do the following.


The number of words on the page will be shown here.

How do I beat my competitors

Check their pages for their word counts and create content that is useful and interesting and in the 2,450 – 2,500 word range.

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