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Why do we need to do this

Google will rank your hotel higher if your domain exactly matches the keywords your potential guests put into Google.

What does this mean

This is where the keywords placed by your potential guests into Google exactly matches your domain name.  An example of this is Google would reward leitrimhotels.com if the searcher placed the exact words ”Leitrim hotels” into Google. Google believes that your site is much more relevant to the searcher if your domain name exactly matches their search and in this case would reward your site with higher rankings in Google.

What do I do: Carry out keyword research and find the keywords that are the most appropriate to your hotel or activities that will bring guests to your hotel and use this exact phrase for your domain. It may be worth renaming your hotel’s website or in an extreme case even your hotel (consider this one very carefully if you intend taking this huge step).

How do I register a domain or see if it is available: Click on https://www.irishdomains.com/ and do the following.

The variants of the names available will show up on the following page.

What should I do: Consider registering an exact match domain if the number of Google exact match searches justifies it, Google will increase your site in its rankings. Click on the Google Ranking Factors to see the complete list of the Google algorithm factors.

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