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Why do we need to do this

Internal anchor text is a relevancy signal for Google and will increase your search rankings in the same way as backlink anchor text.

What does this mean

Internal links are hyperlinks that when clicked bring the user to another page within the same website. Research demonstrates clearly that internal links boost pages in Google search rankings. Google believe that a significant number of internal links from within your site to the same page mean all the links are pointed at is an important page. The anchor text is the text the hyperlink is linked to.

What do I do: Create links from your information pages to other pages within your site. Choose the anchor text following keyword research. Ensure your most important page has the most links.

What do I not do: Internal link anchor text is almost exactly the same as external backlink anchor text except you have complete control and should make the most of this. Do not do use words like “click here” or only using icons as the pages link, Google cannot read icons and you lose an opportunity to boost your pages rankings. Do not use excessively long titles as a hyperlink, Google believes this is keyword stuffing and may penalise your site.

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