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Why do we need to do this

Google increases the rankings of pages where there is a higher percentage (Density) of that keyword on a page compared with competitors pages.

What does this mean

Keyword density means the percentage of the entire wording that the keywords take up. In the past the more densely the keywords were on the page the more relevant Google considered the page, so some people “keyword stuffed” their text and gave a bad and / or irrelevant user experience to searchers. Google now penalises pages that overly stuff their pages with keywords. Google won’t put a number on it but say the page should contain natural language.

What do I do: Monitor your keyword density when creating content. While there is no set ideal figure, 5% is considered about right but no more. The most important thing is however is to proof read the text and ensure it is absolutely natural.

How do I check my keyword density: Click on https://www.metricbuzz.com/more-webmaster-tools/tool.php?id=keyword-density and do the following.

You will then get this page which will tell you the breakdown of the keywords in each page. Decide the keyword strategy for each page and increase or decrease the amounts of each word in order to have the keywords you want to list for at the top. In the case of this well-known hotel restaurant they could do with some keyword research as the text is very short on keywords that users would use when searching for a restaurant.

Now do this for all your pages.

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