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Google Algorithm Ranking Factors

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Author: Dr. Manus Ward │Head of Digital Strategy and Data Protection │ is a qualified and experienced former hotel manager, culinary Olympic team manager and hospitality Head of School who is passionate about passing on the knowledge he gained from one of the few hotel digital strategy doctorates in the world to you the hotelier. Bonus: If you have any problems with this contact me (100% free) at or 086 8185829 on this or any aspect of your hotel’s digital strategy.

Why do we need to do this

Google interprets the title of a webpage to be a concise and accurate description of the contents of the page. Google therefore increases pages in search rankings for the keywords in the title tag.

What does this mean

The title tag is essentially the title of the page and here is what it would look like in code form on your website. In the case below the words “Hotel restaurant’s pages” are the only part the searcher would actually see.

< title>Hotel restaurant’s page</title>
< /head>

Here is what a title looks like on a Google search.

It is recommended that you limit these to 65 – 70 characters max in order for the full title to be seen in a Google search. Remember every individual letter, space and full stop etc are a character when creating your title.

What do I do: Unless you are reasonably experienced with code or at least WordPress I recommend you get somebody else to do the techie bit but I recommend you do Google keyword research and construct a logical title with the most searched keywords appropriate to each individual page on your hotel site. Remember Google does not search for websites, Google searches for individual webpages.

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