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Google Algorithm Ranking Factors

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Why do we have to do this

Google searches the H1 and other H tags for relevant keywords. Your H1 title should match or almost match the keywords your potential guests type into Google. H2 etc tags should contain keywords relevant to their section of the page. If you do this you will rank higher in Google.

What does this mean

“H” stands for heading, H1 being the main heading then H2 and so on. The H1 tag has the higher weight. It should be the visible title of the page and its keywords should reflect the content of the entire page. These tags send relevancy signals to Google. Essentially they tell Google what the most important part of the text is and what it should read first. This helps Google by having more relevant content and reducing the bounce rate i.e. leaving immediately when finding the content is not exactly what the searcher wanted.

Here is what it looks like in code and in the example below the words “Park Hotel luxury hotel swimming pool for kids” would be the only part the searcher would actually see.

<H1>Park Hotel luxury hotel swimming pool for kids< /H1>

What do I do: Unless you are reasonably experienced with code or at least WordPress I recommend you get somebody else to do the techie bit but I recommend you look up Google Keyword Planner and figure out the best keywords for your page. The H1 tag would be the overall page title and the H2 tags would be the title for each of the sections within the page. Remember Google ranks pages so the H1 tag is the most important.

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