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Google Algorithm Ranking Factors

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Author: Dr. Manus Ward │Head of Digital Strategy and Data Protection │ is a qualified and experienced former hotel manager, culinary Olympic team manager and hospitality Head of School who is passionate about passing on the knowledge he gained from one of the few hotel digital strategy doctorates in the world to you the hotelier. Bonus: If you have any problems with this contact me (100% free) at or 086 8185829 on this or any aspect of your hotel’s digital strategy.

Why do we need to do this

Google rewards sites with higher rankings that give users what they are looking for. Users want faster loading pages and Google uses Google Chrome to calculate page load speeds.

What does this mean

Slow sites result in users being able to view less pages, book less hotel rooms and they experience negative emotions at a point when your hotel site is trying to persuade them to choose your hotel. There are a number of ways to check your page speed but use Google as its their algorithm you are trying to please.

What to do: Click on

On the next page click as follows

The list of things that you may need to fix are too numerous to be explained here but now you know what Google wants you to fix in order to increase your site speed. If you are not a techie copy and paste the list to whoever made your site and have them make the changes necessary.

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