Synonyms or Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords in content

Google Algorithm Ranking Factors

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Why do we need to change

Google use synonyms to figure out the exact nature of a page. Using many words of similar or nearly similar meaning allows Google more accurately determine a pages central ethos and will rank these pages higher in the rankings.

What does this mean

Synonyms (Different words that are exactly or nearly the same meaning) will allow you a slight increase in keyword density as different words of the same meaning actually assist Google in determining the central message of the page. For example if Conference & Banqueting were having a ball and the webpage had the word “ball” everywhere, Google could misinterpret this as being a sports related page. If we also use the words banquet, reception or dance throughout the text the Google spider can more accurately figure out what the page is all about. This is also appropriate for a bar page. A bar could be an iron bar, or a chocolate bar etc.

What do we do: After you have figured out the keyword(s) you want, click on and select the synonyms you feel are appropriate to your page. Insert them into your text but do not use more than 3% keyword density including the synonyms or you may be penalised by Google. But most importantly the language in your content must read naturally.


You can also use a free tool called Ultimate Keyword Tracker to come up with single and multi-word keywords It has a very straightforward download and a video that fully explains how to use it.

Now do this for all your pages.

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