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Google Algorithm Ranking Factors

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Why do we need to do this

Google believes that domains that have been owned for a long period of time with no breaks are a sign of high quality websites compared with domains that have had many owners with many breaks over time.

What do I do

Keep the same domain for as long as possible and don’t let the domain be dropped i.e. do not let it become dropped i.e. unregistered.

How do I check my domain history: You can check both your competitors’ sites and your own.  Click on and do the following. history of the domain 1


On the next page you will find the information. Scroll down to find the number of and all the previous owners. history of the domain 2


How do I check if a domain was ever dropped: Click on and do the following. history of the domain 5

Here is the number of drops over time of your domain. history of the domain 4


What do I do: Never drop your domain i.e. allow it to become unregistered. Click on the Google Ranking Factors to see the complete list of the Google algorithm factors.

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