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Author: Dr. Manus Ward │Head of Digital Strategy and Data Protection │ is a qualified and experienced former hotel manager, culinary Olympic team manager and hospitality Head of School who is passionate about passing on the knowledge he gained from one of the few hotel digital strategy doctorates in the world to you the hotelier. Bonus: If you have any problems with this contact me (100% free) at or 086 8185829 on this or any aspect of your hotel’s digital strategy.

Why do we need to do this

Google believes that a site with most links to or from high quality sites is a sign of a highly trustworthy site. Google similarly believes that a site with most of its links from or to low quality spam type sites is a sign of an untrustworthy site and ranks them in searches accordingly.

What does this mean

Google hates spam and spam producing sites. Spammers create new sites and create thousands of links to these sites in order to give them higher rankings instantly which are generally short term until penalised by Google. Google now analyses the sites you are linked to, as good sites generally only link to good sites. This has had a positive effect on rankings for good sites and a negative effect on bad spam type sites.

What do I do: Check out sites before you accept links from them. Do this by clicking on and doing the following:

Once you have done this scroll down the page and here is the trustrank of your page.

If the site has a good trustrank, link to them as it helps your rankings.

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