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Why do we need to do this

Google rewards relevant and authoritative links from your site to high quality sites.

What does this mean

Outbound links are links on your page that link out to other pages. Google rewards authoritative outbound links to sites that link to “good sites”. It similarly penalises outbound links to “bad neighbourhoods” e.g. spam or adult sites etc.

What do I do: Check the Google PageRank and Domain Authority of any site that requests a link from you. Create links to sites that are relevant or authoritative in the hotel, tourism or local areas.

How do I check the links I have on my site already: Click on http://www.bad-neighborhood.com/text-link-tool.htm


The next page is

This is what caused concern in this case which was just news containing an adult word. I am not going to state the word to avoid this page entering this category but this would not be a concern in this case as there were only 3 out of 809 pages cited as having questionable links and BBC.co.uk is a rated by Google as being a high quality site.

If in doubt make the link nofollow, i.e. when adding the link use the first line of code below. Copy and paste the exact page address into the section “http://www.example.com” and then copy and paste the entire line into the code of the page where you are going to have the link.

<a href=”http://www.exampletourismsite.com” rel=”nofollow”>Local Tourism Site</a>

<a href=”http://www.exampletourismsite.com”>Local Tourism Site</a> if the line of code used if you there are no issues with the link.

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